Prestige Graduation Portraits: Western

Welcome to Lifetouch Prestige Portraits - Celebrate all you’ve achieved 

Our award-winning, professional photographers will create a fun and relaxed environment, while working closely with you to capture your true personality in each of your graduation portraits.


We are committed to providing you with a once in a lifetime experience as well as exceptional portraits and products tailored to meet your needs. These products are a perfect way to commemorate your achievements, creating memories for years to come.

 How to Book an Appointment

  All appointments are booked online,
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  Please select your program/faculty from the drop down  menu on the appointment scheduling page.
This will show you up-to-date availability for your group.                                                                                        


     Note: Schedules for booking appointments are opened 1-2 weeks in advance. Appointments cannot be booked months ahead.     


About Your Sit Session

We understand that you want a variety of portrait styles. While mom and dad may want to display the cap and gown formal poses, casual poses give you an opportunity to express yourself and be creative with your portraits.


Timing and Location:

  • Arrive Early. You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to ensure that there is time to fill out the necessary paperwork before your photography appointment begins and have you fitted for your gown.
  • We are located in the lower level of the UCC room 79 beside the grocery store.

For your sit session, consider the following tips:

  • Decide which achievements you want to celebrate and bring the items that highlight your achievements – sports gear, musical instruments, etc.
  • Props? Props can be items that you use frequently or are often seen with. Sports equipment, musical instruments, certain fashion accessories (hats, scarves, jewelry) etc. Props give you a chance to be unique in your photography session and create a portrait that truly speaks to who you are as an individual. Be Creative.
  • Clothing makes all the difference, bring clothes that you are comfortable in, whether they are dressy or casual. Also, bring matching shoes and accessories; if you dress from head to toe we can photograph you from head to toe. If you are looking for a specific look from your casual shots it helps to dress the part. Darker colours work best for those dramatic high contrast black and white images that are so popular, while bright funky colours allow a person to express their fun side and really pop in a picture. How you are photographed in your session is based on your style and clothing, because your style expresses who you are. Whether you are bright, flashy and outgoing, serious and subdued or a mixture of both. Dress for the style of portrait you and your family prefer.
  • Style your hair and do your make-up before your session, you do not want to be rushing to do so when you arrive for your appointment.
  • Glasses? Most glasses create glare. If you wish to have the look of wearing your glasses in your portraits we suggest removing the lenses from the frame. With thinner lenses we can sometimes make lighting concessions to allow for keeping your lenses in their frames; however this means that we must compromise on the quality of lighting in your photographs. Since nobody likes to compromise on quality it is well worth the extra effort to remove lenses from frames.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure before your session.

What do I Wear for my Graduation shots?

  • Gentlemen are required to wear a dress shirt and tie. Light shirts and dark ties are recommended as they create a classic look and will not clash with the regalia and backgrounds.
  • Ladies have the choice of going with a collared shirt or an open neckline. If you choose to go with an open neckline please wear a scoop neck shirt that will not be visible underneath the graduation gown.